Sambacor Konate Le jardin Jolof Senegalese masquerade

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Sambacor Konete (also known as Le Jardin Jolof Senegalese artist who uses African masks to create a style that combines decoration, fashion and cultural commentary. His photographic scenes tackle social issues and celebrate and preserve African heritage.

Le Jardin Jolof uses found objects, family possessions, and photography to create unique work that speaks of African identity. His name Le Jardin Jolof, which he expounds on in the conversation, encapsulates his passions and preoccupations—gardening, the need for undisturbed space to create, and the history of African kingdoms and peoples.

He tells a story of African tradition and culture. His work is mainly centered on African masks, which allows him to express his aesthetic perception by mixing culture, fashion, and plants. His ultimate aim is to promote African culture, but his work has also allowed to him to highlight social issues we face today.

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